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Train to be a Truck Driver

If you want to train to be a truck driver, Truck Jobs Today can help. As a national recruiter, Truck Jobs Today assists experienced and inexperienced drivers in finding the best truck driving jobs in the U.S.A., including ones offering on-the-job training.

Although in the past many of the nation’s fleet companies declined to hire an inexperienced driver, the opportunities for good drivers with clean records are increasing. With a continued shortage of experienced truckers, more trucking companies are now considering hiring inexperienced drivers and training them.

Requirements for Training to be a Trucker

The requirements for training to be a truck driver vary depending on the company you want to work for, the type of trucking job you are interested in, and whether or not you previously trained at a truck driving school and have earned your CDL license. Although some companies will cover the cost to complete a truck driving school if you sign a work agreement, only after you complete the initial training and earn your CDL will most of them hire and pay you for training on the road.

On-the-Job Training for Truck Drivers

Some companies provide paid on-the-job training for drivers who recently completed a certified or company-sponsored truck driving school. Although each company is different, most want drivers who are over 21 years old and have at least:

  • Obtained a CDL license
  • A clean driving record with no reckless driving, DWI or DUI convictions
  • No more than two moving violations in the last year
  • No more than three-four moving violations in the last three years

Some companies require trucking school graduates to complete an in-house refresher course lasting one-two weeks and pass an exam before hiring and training on the road with pay. Still, that is a short period of time before you begin earning money while training.

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