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Jobs for Husband & Wife Team Drivers

Interested in jobs for husband and wife team drivers? Truck Jobs Today can help. As a leading online placement firm recruiting drivers for top carriers, Truck Jobs Today can save you the time and hassle of applying for multiple jobs. Submit your application to us and we will work to bring the best team trucking job to you.

Become a Husband & Wife Truck Driving Team

Perhaps you are interested in starting a new career alongside your spouse, and the life of a trucker sounds appealing to you both. Consider team truck driving jobs. Husband and wife team drivers are in demand across the country, and you could be earning a combined six-figure income in just a short period of time.

Trucking companies want to hire team drivers. Running team, drivers can keep trucks on the road 24/7. They deliver freight faster, which increases profits and delivery contracts for the carriers. But driving team can be difficult for strangers. That is partially the reason why many companies like to hire experienced husband and wife team drivers. As couples, they know each other better than other team partners and often work very well together. Rarely, if ever, will one change partners, so their experience working together increases with each mile traveled. Running about 7,000 miles a week, a team quickly builds a lot of miles.

Most husband and wife team truck drivers enjoy being on the road together. It is their shared life. They travel the country, seeing all of its beautiful sites while earning a good pay.

But truck driving is a tough job, one that can put a strain on a marriage. You may think you know your spouse well until spending time together on the road. One married couple, former Schneider National team truck drivers, recommend husbands and wives lock themselves in a bathroom for a weekend to see if they can handle it because “that’s what it’s like being in a truck.” But as the couple in the video mentions, driving team can also bring a husband and wife closer together.

If you are new to the trucking industry, take some time to read about it. Talk to experienced truckers, including husband and wife truck driving teams. If you decide it is a career you want to pursue, apply for team driver jobs today.

Want to hire husband and wife team drivers? Contact Truck Jobs Today.

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